SACS Consulting

What we stand for

SACS exists to help you achieve your goals. Every organisation pursues outcomes – profit, quality, stakeholder satisfaction, or delivery of a socially beneficial service. Our role is to understand (and sometimes help you develop) a clear idea of where you want to be in the future and then to help you get there. Point A to point B.

We do this by drawing on the world of research – typically organisation psychology and neuroscience – to give you evidence based methods which will help you maximise the human strengths of your organisation. People who listen to the advice of consultants can be forgiven for becoming cynical. So much of it is tradition, belief or personal preference. At SACS, if we can’t back it with empirical evidence, we don’t recommend it.

Our three key areas of services are outlined throughout this web site and they are built around the areas in which clients most frequently ask for help:


We undertake to do the greatest good to the greatest number of people in each project in which we participate. From a technical point of view we subscribe to and abide by the Australian Psychological Society’s code of ethics, but it is the first sentence which underpins the spirit of ethics at SACS.